Integrity System

To reinforce and disseminate its commitment to ethics, responsibility, transparency and full compliance with legislation, the Atem Group has a governance system focused on absolute integrity and a Code of Ethics and Conduct that brings together the principles and guidelines that guide the relationship of all professionals who work in and for our companies.

The Group also has an Ethics Channel, a direct and confidential communication tool, for making complaints, identified or not, about activities and behaviors that are not in accordance with its Code of Ethics and Conduct, internal regulatory instruments (procedures , standards and policies) and/or current legislation. This tool is managed by an external company, which consolidates and generates the flow of information from calls in a confidential and independent manner. If you wish, your report can be made via the website (link below) or via telephone on 0800 792 1006, available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.