ATEM is a company with Amazonian DNA whose mission is to develop businesses that are sustainable, effective and reliable, and that positively exceed the expectations of all interested parties.
We support our purpose through the dedication of our people, the quality of our products, the excellence of our processes and the satisfaction of our internal and external customers.


To be a business reference, positioned among the 10 largest distributors in Brazil in terms of volume, being recognized for the strength of our brand, the consolidated and controlled network of Gas stations and distributors and the satisfaction of our customers, employees, partners and shareholders.


We believe in people and relationships based on trust and honesty.

We value Ethics and transparency.

We are committed to results and we are obstinately dedicated to excellence in everything we do;

We believe in the autonomy of the individual and the responsibility for our action

We respect and value safety and the environment and take care of it like our home.