Our Business

Atem has services that allow you to always go further. From serving thermoelectric plants in the North Region, bringing electricity to more than 100 different locations in the interior of Amazonas, to distributing fuel to 13 Brazilian states at more than 300 franchised stations. We also have convenience stores to serve customers at any time and in the most different situations.


Present in 13 states, Atem has a broad distribution and storage infrastructure, with the purpose of serving the different regions where it operates. We have nine own bases with complete storage structures that meet all market and National Petroleum Agency requirements. The bases are installed in Manaus (AM), Santarém (PA), Cruzeiro do Sul (AC), Porto Velho (RO), Itaituba (PA), Vilhena (RO), Sinop (MT) and Campo Grande (MS), with static storage capacity of 187,725m³, which corresponds to 9 billion liters/year. From these ones, the bases in Manaus, Porto Velho, Santarém and Itaituba have a private use terminal – TUP, with all the necessary infrastructure and security for our partners.


Atem stations have a modern structure to serve customers with comfort and safety. With careful design and architecture work, the project conveys credibility, confidence and stands out for its distinctive look, both in the city and on the roads. Our teams are trained to always serve all customers well. Atem follows all the requirements of national fuel legislation, ensuring quality and safety in everything it does. The pillars are good service, quality, safety, technology and innovation.


Anyone looking for a gas station wants more than to fill up the tank. Therefore, Atem Network has Akitem convenience stores open 24 hours a day, well equipped with drinks, snacks, ATMs and other options, depending on the reseller’s needs and preferences. Some Atem stations also have a variety of stores and automotive and personal service stations.