Our History


The history of Atem begins specifically in a village called Lago do Janauacá, in the municipality of Careiro Castanho in State of Amazonas, which is 124 kilometers far from Manaus. There, a Syrian-Lebanese couple decided to live with their children, planting cassava and producing flour and tucupi to sell in the city. When returning from Manaus, the family took products to sell in a small store they maintained in the their Careiro Castanho.

Some year later, the father fulfilled his wife’s request and built a house in Manaus so that their children could study.

When they moved to the capital, the older brother, Dibo, started working as the manager of a floating gas station, known in the region as “ponton”. The family’s entrepreneurial streak was already evident even before the energy business began.

Together, the brothers maintained a spot at the Panair Fair and later opened a snack bar in front of the house. They even sold pastries and sugarcane juice from a cart, traveling through different neighborhoods of the city.


In 1995, they decided to rent a floating gas station, which would later be purchased in 11 installments.

Initially, they operated under the banner of BR stations and thus began their journey in the fuel trade.

In 1999, BR Distribution Center opened a line of credit that allowed the brothers to set up a network of BR gas stations. Among units in Manaus and in other small cities in the State of Amazonas, they managed 10 of their own gas stations.


In 2000, Atem Distribution Center emerged, at the time still operating with rented storage space inside the BR Distribution terminal.

Fuel was purchased from the refinery, pumped into rented tanks, and then distributed. With hard work and a lot of persistence, the business grew and expanded.

In 2007, Atem Distribution opened its own base, which remains in operation today.

After 21 years since its beginning, the company is present in 11 States in Brazil and operates with fuel transportation both by land and river.