Environmental and Governance Actions


The governance axis provides consistency of ESG criteria and directs the company towards conscious development. Robust internal management, with the definition of clear processes and monitoring of market indicators and trends, guarantees ethics, transparency and growth.

For years, Atem has declared, in its values, commitments directly linked to its ESG purposes, such as: Human relationships based on trust, honesty, ethics and transparency, always committed to excellence, valuing individual autonomy and responsibility for actions, as well as respect and appreciation for safety and the environment.

Atem is committed to complying with legislation and other requirements applicable to the company and its products. In compliance with legislation, ATEM is certified by NBR ISO 9001:2015 and NBR ISO 14001:2015.

ISO 14001:2015 – The company has a structure and demonstrates commitment to environmental preservation practices and responsibility for controlling and monitoring environmental risks.

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System, demonstrating that the company has mapped, traceable processes, invests in training among other actions that demonstrate the company’s organization.

In addition to specific Environmental training, we comply with and maintain strict quality control over the addition of biofuels to fossil fuels. This control is important for the environment.

Each liter correctly added is an extraordinary gain in reducing pollutants, as the addition of biofuels reduces sulfur emissions into the environment, which reduces pollution in the atmosphere.

This addition of biodiesel complies with environmental legislation that complies with the Program of the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE), which published CNPE Resolution No. 16, which provides, by 2023, for the addition of 15% biodiesel to road diesel.


Amazon Medal

Atem is affiliated with the PanAmazonia Association, a non-governmental organization with the mission of promoting the ideal of PanAmazonian integration and cooperation as an instrument for regional development.

The Association awarded Dibo Atem the Great Amazon medal. The decision to grant the honor was taken by the Board of Directors of the PanAmazônia Association by unanimous vote of voters.


For implementing measures focused on operational and environmental improvements, Atem Distributor was one of the three finalists and received, in Brasília, the Antaq 2021 Award, promoted by the National Waterway Transport Agency – ANTAQ.

The indication is based on the best evaluation in the Environmental Performance Index – Highest Annual Evolution of the IDA – Private Use Terminal (TUP), based in Porto Velho, State of Rondonia.


Atem Distributor won the award for Best Regional Distributor granted by the National Transport Retailer Union (SindTRR).

Among the criteria were commercial policy, commercial service, operational and administrative activities and communication.



Atem Distributor is committed to protecting individuals and the environment, promoting well-being, health and preventing pollution through the identification, control and monitoring of risks. In addition to promoting safety and health actions that raise awareness, engagement, and commitment among employees.

Based on these commitments, Atem has carried out actions that promote sustainability and social responsibility:

Water Scream Project

The project aims to draw attention to the pollution of Manaus streams. ATEM employees participate as volunteers in the collection of waste that is discarded in a disorderly manner in the Tarumã stream.

Clean Shore Project

The project is an environmental action dedicated to cleaning the coastline around ATEM’s operations base. The result of the initiative carried out in 2021, which included the participation of Atem volunteers. A ton of waste was removed from the river.

ProQAS/AM Project

Equipped vessel donated by ATEM Distributor for research purposes by the Amazon Environmental Protection Institute – IPAAM, is part of the Water, Air and Soil Monitoring Program of the State of Amazonas (ProQAS/AM).

CO2 neutralization

Through the RenovaBio* program, ATEM neutralizes the carbon in all fuel distributed.

CBIOs: environmental assets that take into account the replacement of fossil fuels and the reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.